Sunday, June 8, 2008

Keegan's 9th Birthday Celebration

We surprised K, and started his birthday celebration the night before with a suite at the Palazzo.
We strolled through the Venetian, on our way to somewhere, but they didn't know where!  We stopped to listen to the opera singers steering the gondolas in the canal, and watched some street performers.  They especially liked the living statues.  We explored the magic shop, and at last landed in the piazza to have dinner.  
Dinner at Enoteco San Marco.  We tried Italian style vegetables like fresh raw peas, eggplant, raw asparagus salad and squash blossoms.  Keegan had pizza, quinn pasta, and they brought him a special Happy Birthday dessert.
Then on to the next surprise, The Blue Man Group show.  The staff at the show made it very special for his birthday.  Keegan sat next to a man who was part of the back stage crew.  He told an usher that it was his birthday, and she had a lot of people around him say Happy Birthday to him.  Then they brought the kids show booklets, and t-shirts.  Then his name was up on the sign on the stage and the whole theatre said the Happy Birthday song to him.  It was very special!
The band members from the show.
The next morning, K gets the present he hoped for, the Green Grocer!
We ordered room service for breakfast-for 3 of us, it was the first time ever, and quite possibly the last.  It was very special, and delicious!
Then off to spend the day with our friends, the Life Learners-a perfect way to spend any birthday!
We all got to work on the Green Grocer.
And then we had cake.


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