Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Keegan got a Lego

Grandma G sent Keegan a lego for his birthday.  When the legos arrive, it is time for us all to rally.  Keegan sets us to work on our familiar jobs.  Quinn and I sort all the pieces into piles of like pieces in groups of similar colors.  Dad spends some time handing K the pieces he needs.  K reads the instructions and puts the pieces in place. 

Soon, the family is legoed out, and K is on his own.  He will not stop until the the building is finished.  He thinks he might want to do what his dad does someday, and manage construction projects.  Although, he is torn between construction, and working at Legoland!

The building is complete.

He adds it to another building he got last Christmas.  He is hoping to finish the street with the green grocer he wants for his birthday.  We will soon see, he will be 9 years old next week!

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PeacefulGoddess said...

WOW Kegan I so want to get me some them legos.
Happy B Day!!