Sunday, August 24, 2008

Super Summer Theatre

Aida was showing at Spring Mountain Ranch,

Quinn's friend came along(and Grandma Toni),

They passed the time(2 hours before the show started),

Keegan kept jumping in front of the camera,

When it got dark, Keegan joined in a game of ring toss with some guys using glow sticks bracelets and bottles.  The show was great, and Keegan liked that it was set in Egypt.

Zion, Beautiful Zion

We stopped for fresh apple juice in Springdale,

It was mom's first time to Zion National Park, 

We hiked the riverside trail,

The kiddos loved the water, Keegan went right in, while Quinn wished she would have worn her tevas,

We saw a tadpole,

And Columbine in the hanging gardens,

Played in a pool,

Barely escaped the super friendly squirrels,

Keegan ran for the rapids,

And sunned himself to dry off for the journey back.  Zion was fantastic, as always.


A bubble exploraganza with the Life Learners.  Grandma Toni had just arrived, and had her first day with the group.  

I just liked this picture.

We brought the "bubble thing", home made bubble mix, a coat hanger and a six-pack holder.

Keegan got a good one with the bubble thing.

But the fly swatters were the most fun!

Plenty of the best pears...

I've ever tasted!  My garden saved the best for last.  The pears will end the fruit harvest for the year.  I loved how they came to us, each harvest better than the last, a few apricots, more figs, then the delicious grapes, but the pears are the best of all.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Who's Reading What?

Jim is reading this book with Keegan(it has been going on awhile..).

Keegan is reading these 3, from his 2 top series right now.

Jim reads this while Keegan reads his books.

I just started this one yesterday, and stayed up till 5am, till the words were so blurry I had to go to bed.

Quinn and I just finished this one last night.  It was a gift to my mom from her god mother when she was a little girl.  Quinn and I love stories that go with stories.

Quinn is reading this one to me.

Quinn is writing this one.

Quinn got this one yesterday...

And custom designed my jewelry this morning!

TKD Testing Again

The kiddos get ready to begin.  Keegan tested for his camo belt, and Quinn her Blue Belt.  

Quinn did great on her form one steps, self defense and sparring.

Keegan watched the others as he waited for his turn to do his form, one steps and self defense.

Quinn also had to break a board.

Jim tested for his brown belt.  He got to spar with his favorite TKD buddy.  I got my red belt.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What WILL she do?

That question is coming our way, now that my role as homeschooling mom is over for now.  So I'll answer, not that anyone asking will read this!  Jim is probably getting the inquiry more than me.  Rest easy!, those that know or hardly know me, I'll fill my days, don't worry!

I am really not in a hurry to completely fill my time.  Right now I do not have or want to.  I want to be around for the kiddos if they need a sick day, or want me to come along on a field trip, if they want a mom who isn't totally exhausted when they get home, or whatever they might need.  But I am taking advantage of this time to do some things I haven't had time for before. 

Yesterday, I signed up for the Master Gardener's Program through UNR.  I am excited about taking the classes, learning more about gardening in the SW, meeting other gardeners and the volunteering to follow.  It's all right up my alley, and the timing is perfect.  It begins next month.
Today, at the urging of the kiddos, I did the volunteer training at their school, so I can go on fieldtrips, volunteer in the classroom, ect.  Keegan is so excited about what he is doing at school, he told me he really wants me to see it ALL.  As if I would have a tremendous void in my experience if I did not experience the wonderful that is happening at his school.  So now I can.  I have loved homeschooling, but now that we are back at a school, I remember what drew me to teaching and schools in the first place.  That whole excited energy about discovering new things, and the idea that this is where we come together for the purpose of that discovery.  The energy that is created when many people are on that journey together.   The kids are just loving it, and I am loving them loving it!

We just booked a trip to Ireland in November, and that always means preparation!  I rented a bunch of movies on Ireland for us to watch from Netflix, and will begin deciding how we want to spend our time there.  Their school is totally agreeable to them missing time to explore the world, we will just do what we always have done, and create some kind of documentation of our experience to share when they return.  

I am hoping to make more of our Christmas gifts this year.  The kiddos and I are on a mission to find suitable projects to start soon so we will have time for completion.

I want to get back to yoga class(I was supposed to go today, but...).    

And, the house is pretty clean!

It really is all good.