Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Haunted Harvest

We went to the Springs Preserve for their Haunted Hay ride.  Lefty was our guide.

The scary stories led to scary characters in the desert.

This guy tried to shoot us with a banana.

The kiddos didn't think he was very scary.

It was a fun ride...scary enough, but not too scary.

A radio station was giving out playing cards.  After dinner, we played a few games of crazy eights.  We had a great night.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Camping at Zion

Another camping trip to Zion with the Life Learners.  A great year for camping.  The weather was good, and it was a great groups of kiddos and adults.  We all had a very good time.

We all enjoyed the are the boys warming their toes in the morning.

The water was very cold, but the kiddos didn't care.

Keegan really didn't care, he loves the water.

Well, it was a little cold...

We saw lots of wild life.  These deer kept coming into our camping area.  

Quinn and Elena(Quinn's friend from homeschool and now school) were very excited to be together.  We brought them their own tent for their "double" sleepover.  A scary ghost story by the campfire the second night send them both back to their parents tents to sleep.  Oh well.  
Zion was so beautiful, there were masses of wild grapevine all over.

They were invigorated by nature!

The girls had a great time together.

Quinn and Elena found a tarantula, and stood watch so the boys in the next campground would not destroy it.  They stayed with it till someone moved it to a safe place.
A great group this year, so easy and fun.  We hope to go for a few days longer next year.  It was a lot to set up for 2 days.

TKD Testing

Keegan got his green belt.

Quinn had to break 2 boards.

Quinn, doing a jump round kick in her one step.

Quinn has very high kicks.

Keegan doing his jump round kick.

That night, Quinn got her brown belt recommended, Keegan his green belt, Rachel her red belt decided, and Jim his brown belt decided.

The Renaissance Festival

Quinn fought a knight dressed in her renaissance dress.  She eventually lost the use of both her legs, but persevered.  She crawled around on her knees, still determined to win the battle.

Keegan loved this.

Quinn loved this...the belly dancing.

Captain Jack was here!  And he shared his pirates booty with the kiddos.

Quinn loves to shop, and carefully decided how to spend her money.  She ended up with a child's corset to go with her dress.

Quinn tries fencing.

Keegan is turned on to fencing, and ready to try lessons.

The royal court made an appearance.

Quinn danced and danced with the belly dancers.

And watched the show with Elena and Juliana.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Pioneer Days

They finally learn to do laundry!

This was their favorite pioneer activity, and came back to wash clothes 2 times.

They made candles,

watched a weaver and chatted with a lady spinning alpaca wool into yarn.

The army boy let Keegan hold his rifle.

Then they tried to get him to enlist!  I thought they were joking, but it turns out they were serious.  They would allow Keegan to dress up and carry a gun at a smaller engagement.  He was very interested!

For all the times we have been to Spring Mountain Ranch, we had never seen the spring!

We all tried throwing an ax,

the kiddos panned for gold,

and then enjoyed root beer floats!  It was a fabulous day, just our speed.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Summerlin Arts Festival

The chef carved them each a flower out of a beet and a turnip.  

Quinn stopped at every jewelry stand.

Keegan loved the ice carving demonstration.

A living statue.

We finished the day by leaving our art in a sidewalk square.