Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Sock Monkey

When we were homeschooling, I had many ideas for projects that I tried to get the kiddos interested in.  Often, they were not interested.  Now that they are schooling, we don't have alot of time for projects, and Quinn follows me around begging for me to help her with her many project ideas.  Her ideas are endless, and I keep thinking...where was this 6 monthes ago????
Anyway, her idea last weekend was for a sock monkey.  I was busy, and suggested many reasons why we should not embark on such a project right now, but she persisted, and solved all my many problems with the project, and so we did it.  She found an old pair of my wool socks, we looked up a pattern on the internet, we got out the sewing machine, found some wool stuffing, button eyes, and went to work.  I did the machine sewing, and she worked on the hand sewing. The monkey was just perfect, and we had a great time doing it.  
She has also recently got me to make dog treats, pumpkin tartlets, do some beading, play teatherball with her homemade teather set up in the house, and many other things.  It is interesting how much she is thinking up now that we have so little time to pursue her ideas.  
We are very busy now.  I told someone we used to homeschool, and they made some sort of comment about how much work that must have been.  I thought privately that it is not nearly as hard and hectic as schooling the kiddos.  We are all running now.  School, homework, Tae Kwon Do and keeping up with the house.  I hope we can find a balance between schooling and pursuing other interests and projects.  I know it is all important right now!