Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Green Makeover

When I say green, I mean green, almost florescent green.  We did a redo on the laundry room last weekend.  We used no VOC paint.  We hung a closet rod for clothes drying(although we also just installed a clothesline, indoor drying is less damaging to clothes).  And reused as much as possible.  The pictures hung came out of a collection in the garage(that were about to be donated), and we cleaned out all the cabinets, and organized them so we will not rebuy what we already have.  We found all sorts of treasures stuffed in the cabinets that had not been cleaned out for a few years.


Tara said...

What a pretty color!! You have some much space in your laundry room; that's awesome!

When my washer dies, I'm investing in a front loading washer. We had one at our last house but left it there with the sale. They are so great.

Miranda said...

Beautiful, Rachel! I love it.

Miss you guys!!!!:-(