Sunday, September 14, 2008

Different path, same level of conviction...

While we were homeschooling, the kiddos seemed very comfortable and proud to be homeschoolers, unschoolers, no schoolers, life livers, whatever they felt best described their path at the moment.  They spoke of it as though there was no other option for them.  I spoke of homeschooling as though it was something we were enjoying now, and could do for the long term, but we were open to other opportunities as they present themselves, based on what the kiddos wish to pursue.  So while they said "We are homeschoolers" with conviction, I probably said "We are homeschooling now".  Their level of commitment and conviction appeared to leave no other options for us.  Homeschooling seemed so engraved in our present, that I thought it would be their/our future.  I was trying to support their path... sometimes guiding too.

So, in a very short time, the whole scene changed.  They decided to go to school.  I don't think it was something they had considered for awhile, more like through some random events/conversations, it happened.  I hardly had time to catch my breath.  I didn't really know what to guide(except that I did present Montessori as an option to public school), it happened so quickly... I supported their path.
Now they are in school.  They are as committed to school as they once were to staying home.  They talk about it as if it were sacred, and defend their school as they used to our homeschool.  They say this is the best school they ever attended(even better than homeschool), the same way they used to say homeschool was the best thing ever.  I remember many conversations Keegan would have with random kids he met, where they would tell him how much they hated school, and he would tell them "Just ask your mom to homeschool, it is so awesome!".   Now he recently told someone who didn't like school "You should go to Montessori, it is so awesome!".

This phenomenon is very interesting to me.  When we were so far away from school or ever going, I never would have imagined them feeling so passionate about a school.  I love that they are present, and love what they are doing NOW, without regrets, second thoughts, ect.  They dive right in and think it is the best thing ever.  I wonder if things would have been the same if they were at the PS or homeschool.  I don't know.  Is it that we keep getting it right?  The right experience at the right time?  Or is it something about them living the moment fully, and going wholly for their experience.  I suppose it could be lots of things.... it just is now.

Now that their path is schooling, it seems so engraved in their present that it also seems their future.  They are once again, committed and convicted to their path.  I again say they are going to school right now, as they say they are Montessori schoolers.  It is hard to imagine us ever homeschooling again.  I see them feeling happy, and excited about their pursuits at school.  I feel happy for them, and it sure is easy parenting when their little beings seem so peaceful, pleasant, engaged, fulfilled....

But what if I had guided them to stay home.  Would they still think homeschooling is the best thing ever?  Have they gone into the school box never to return?  Is their future determined?   Is this box the best thing for them?  I follow some blogs of home and unschoolers, and wonder...
I read worry is to draw down curses, whereas to trust is to draw down blessings.  I am going to trust in their chosen path and experiences, and be present and supportive.  I am going to learn from our experiences together that we are all on the same mindset-our options are open.  But learn from the kiddos that we can live and enjoy this experience, and slurp every bit of it up as if we are committed and convicted to this lifestyle...knowing it could change tomorrow. 


Monday, September 1, 2008

Bryce Canyon

We went for the weekend, and stayed in a KOA cabin.  Jim's first time at a KOA, but we were all used to it after the cross country trip last year.  A long drive to get there, but so worth it, Bryce was beautiful.  

They had a ping pong table at the KOA.  Quinn played a lot, and got pretty good!  Keegan had fun.
Keegan used our campfire cooking utensils as swords.

He built a fire.

He got his feet wet.

Quinn didn't want to get her boots wet.

The formations were beautiful.  Mossy cave was our favorite hike with the kiddos.

Keegan took some pictures.

Enjoyed his sister.

Inspiration Point.

A great weekend.