Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Weekend...Shows, shows and more shows

Friday night we got free tickets to Barry Manilow from House seats.  The show was great!  The kids loved it and so did we.  So did many audience members...a lady told me on the way out that this was her 50th time seeing the  

Saturday morning, bright and early, Quinn had a soccer game.  She played a great game.  Then she and I were off to see the new Hannah Montana movie.  To my surprise, I really liked it.  It had my favorite theme of leaving the fast life to find yourself in slow, country living, just a little something I am usually going on about....Saturday night, we were off to a Signature Production of Thoroughly Modern Millie at Summerlin Library, another great production.  
Sunday, we met our friends at the Highlands Games and Celtic Festival at Floyd Lamb State Park.  Will I ever remember to bring Keegan a sword?  We left with another to add to his collection.  
Then we were off to the Flamingo Hilton to see another show compliments of House Seats, Nathan Burton Comedy Magic.  It was pretty good, the kiddos enjoyed it, and we got to show them the wedding chapel where we were married.  

The weather is warming, so we ended our weekend by releasing 10 painted lady butterflies we hatched last week.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Before we left for Mexico, spring break began with 3 days of tennis camp with their Tae Kwon Do friends.  Keegan really liked it, and wants to do some more tennis when he is finished with Tae Kwon Do.

Mexico at last, with his cousins....what could be better?

Quinn gets her hair done.

She loves the look!

Resort activities...

Monday, April 6, 2009

The first weekend in April...

We hosted our first couch surfer!  We had such an amazing night, hearing all about the adventures of such an interesting 23 year old.  Then he broke out the instruments...a guitar, banjo and a mandolin.  What a special treat for us!  Quinn got her first banjo lesson, and is inspired to sign up for more.

Just before the couch surfer, some friends from San Diego stopped by.  We had a great time showing off the best of Las Vegas(in our opinion)... a hike at Red Rock, and then a visit to the Springs Preserve.  They loved it all, and even agreed to skip the cruise to the strip after our full day of nature and culture!

Quinn is playing soccer again.  The Silver Stars!  She is more and more interested in sports.  She is going to Tennis Camp today for the start of Spring Break.