Thursday, June 26, 2008

Craig's LIst is Awesome!

Last weekend I decided to try a post on Craig's list.  Usually, when we have stuff to get rid of, we usually....a)donate, b)give away or c)throw away.  My last visit to the Goodwill store left me with a sour taste for donating, as I saw how much was thrown away, damaged and charged a fortune for on the resale.   And Opportunity Village sure is picky about what they take, which I guess is good, so they don't throw away, but they left a lot on their last visit.  I still give away, but I am trying to get away from throwing away.

So, Craig's List...I posted 3 things.  The first, a patio heater sold in 15 minutes of posting.  The second, a trundle bed, sold in 3 days.  The third, I never thought...American Idol tickets for the show in LA to be sold in Las Vegas.  Nothing, Nothing, Noth...wait...5 days, someone from Minnesota, coming with his family to Las Vegas this Sunday, then renting a car to drive to San Diego, then will drive up to LA for the show that is so special to his family as they have watched the whole season together!  He will meet me on Sunday afternoon!  Wow-all cash sales, full asking price, this is sooooooo awesome!!! 

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