Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quinn's 8th Birthday

On her birthday, she gets up early for the "Birthday Set-Up".  We gather things from around the house and arrange all her cards and presents on the table.  Usually, I find a verse or poem that reminds me of her and write it out for her as part of the set up.  This year, Jim and I wrote our own poems for her.

For Quinn...

A force of nature I will be
Creating all in front of me
Like wind and rain and sun I mold
As life around me does unfold
A rock, a tree, a mountain high
The years ahead and those gone by
On mother earth I set my feet
Preparing for all that I shall meet

The Holidays

New Year's Eve....this year we all answered questions to be opened next New Year's.  I think the adults should answer their questions before the party gets started next time.  I can't imagine what we will think of ourselves next year when we read what we wrote.
We made it out to Red Rock.

Either I really missed or she jumped.

The grandparents came on Christmas day.  It was great to have 3 extra for Christmas dinner, Jim's parents and my niece, Ginger from New York.

We went ice skating on the floating ice rink at Lake Las Vegas.

Jim and Quinn made this gorgeous gingerbread house.  Usually, we just get the kit, but no more!  

We got in some sledding with the Life Learners.

We tried to get a family holiday photo, but it didn't work out, so we never did send out cards this year.

We continued our advent tradition this year.... stories, tea, cookies, advent calendars, candles, verses, advent garden, the baby Jesus ladder...we gathered every night by candle light to read advent stories and go through all the rituals we have added over the years.
We made 56 applesauce cakes this year and delivered them all to friends and neighbors.  We enjoyed busy but wonderful holidays with all our visitors.  We are grateful to our family for making the journey to be with us.