Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Figs Have Arrived!

We have been waiting for 2 years for this, but it was worth the wait.  This is just the first day's harvest of figs, several more trays have already been picked(and eaten!), and there are more on the way.  This was really exciting!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Craig's LIst is Awesome!

Last weekend I decided to try a post on Craig's list.  Usually, when we have stuff to get rid of, we usually....a)donate, b)give away or c)throw away.  My last visit to the Goodwill store left me with a sour taste for donating, as I saw how much was thrown away, damaged and charged a fortune for on the resale.   And Opportunity Village sure is picky about what they take, which I guess is good, so they don't throw away, but they left a lot on their last visit.  I still give away, but I am trying to get away from throwing away.

So, Craig's List...I posted 3 things.  The first, a patio heater sold in 15 minutes of posting.  The second, a trundle bed, sold in 3 days.  The third, I never thought...American Idol tickets for the show in LA to be sold in Las Vegas.  Nothing, Nothing, Noth...wait...5 days, someone from Minnesota, coming with his family to Las Vegas this Sunday, then renting a car to drive to San Diego, then will drive up to LA for the show that is so special to his family as they have watched the whole season together!  He will meet me on Sunday afternoon!  Wow-all cash sales, full asking price, this is sooooooo awesome!!! 

Solar Power

This spring, we installed a solar heater on the pool, bought a pool cover, and put up a clothesline. We just received our June gas bill for $39.76.  We used 28 Therms last month, while we used 96 Therms for the same period last year.  Yah!  I just looked at SW Gas's energy saving tips, and there are a few more things we can implement.  It's so exciting!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another Weekend Harvest

Apricots from the tree in Quinn's garden.

Tomatoes, an artichoke and a yellow squash(harvested small before it shrivels up).

And mustard greens, the gift that keeps on giving!  I think it is almost over, one plant went to seed, but this is my 3rd harvest off these plants.  

Yesterday, I went to hear a speaker at the Spring's Preserve who has a very productive garden in Las Vegas.  He eats a plant based diet and grows much of what he eats right her in the desert!  It was very inspirational.  I am ready to plan my front yard now!

Friday, June 13, 2008

TKD Testing

Keegan is getting ready to test for his yellow belt.

Quinn doing her form.

Quinn has to spar for testing now.

Keegan did a great job on his form, one step sparring and self defense, and even scored extra credit as the only one who knew the second one step.  He volunteered to perform it all by himself which was a big step for him!  He was very proud!

Quinn gets her purple belt.  Later that night....Jim got his blue belt, and I was promoted to brown belt decided.  

Book Club

Our book club with the Life Learners.  Keegan shared the Magic Tree House study guides.  He has read several, and plans to read them all.  We got good suggestions from the other kiddos.  A series by Rick Riodan from T, also recommended to K by his cousin a few monthes ago.  

The Other Day

Keegan adds the Green Grocer to his Lego Street.

K sets up a Lego Museum, with a special Indiana Jones exhibit, under Q's art gallery.

Q sets up an art station in the playroom, so she can watch TV and create art at the same time.  

Q practices handstands for a very long time, until she is satisfied with her outcome.  It was the same for whistling, tying her shoes and blowing a bubble.

K's best birthday present, a very long rope, crocheted by Q.  Long after the lego kits were constructed, play with the rope goes on.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Our Weekend Harvest

A small but delicious harvest!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Knitting Again

I finally started(and finished) a knitting project that I have been craving for some time now.  It has probably been on my list for about a year to pull together a knitting project.  Somehow, it never materialized until I went to PA, and went to the knitting shop down the street from my dad's, and collected the materials for the project.  Once I was on my way, it was a breeze, and such a pleasure!  This project even got me to a sustainable knitting group at the Springs Preserve.  What a little knitting can do!  Q was thrilled with the final product, and loved seeing me pour my time and love into something that brought me so much joy, that she would ultimately wear.

A Green Makeover

When I say green, I mean green, almost florescent green.  We did a redo on the laundry room last weekend.  We used no VOC paint.  We hung a closet rod for clothes drying(although we also just installed a clothesline, indoor drying is less damaging to clothes).  And reused as much as possible.  The pictures hung came out of a collection in the garage(that were about to be donated), and we cleaned out all the cabinets, and organized them so we will not rebuy what we already have.  We found all sorts of treasures stuffed in the cabinets that had not been cleaned out for a few years.

Keegan's 9th Birthday Celebration

We surprised K, and started his birthday celebration the night before with a suite at the Palazzo.
We strolled through the Venetian, on our way to somewhere, but they didn't know where!  We stopped to listen to the opera singers steering the gondolas in the canal, and watched some street performers.  They especially liked the living statues.  We explored the magic shop, and at last landed in the piazza to have dinner.  
Dinner at Enoteco San Marco.  We tried Italian style vegetables like fresh raw peas, eggplant, raw asparagus salad and squash blossoms.  Keegan had pizza, quinn pasta, and they brought him a special Happy Birthday dessert.
Then on to the next surprise, The Blue Man Group show.  The staff at the show made it very special for his birthday.  Keegan sat next to a man who was part of the back stage crew.  He told an usher that it was his birthday, and she had a lot of people around him say Happy Birthday to him.  Then they brought the kids show booklets, and t-shirts.  Then his name was up on the sign on the stage and the whole theatre said the Happy Birthday song to him.  It was very special!
The band members from the show.
The next morning, K gets the present he hoped for, the Green Grocer!
We ordered room service for breakfast-for 3 of us, it was the first time ever, and quite possibly the last.  It was very special, and delicious!
Then off to spend the day with our friends, the Life Learners-a perfect way to spend any birthday!
We all got to work on the Green Grocer.
And then we had cake.