Friday, May 16, 2008

An Unplanned Adventure-THe First 3 Weeks

K discovers the fun of "quick mud" on Grandma's property, and returned to enjoy it many times.
Q gets to go horse back riding with Lucy at her farm.
A natural play structure!  Old grapevines in grandma's forest provide lots of fun and strength training.
Q helps grandpa build a swing.
We all stand for peace at the weekly peace vigil that grandpa started.  A new experience for the kids.  We got a lot of beeps for our "Beep For Peace", but also a "You should be ashamed of yourself".  It opened the door for some good conversations. 

Just a few days after we returned from Mexico, we left for PA to help my dad after he broke his femur.  K and Q spent a week and a half at Grandma B's house in MD, while I cared for my dad in PA. They had lots of fun adventures including a trip to the Zoo in DC, and doing sit down school with their grandparents!  They had some country living experiences, including yard work.  They happily discovered that Q is a "country girl" who enjoys hard work, as she learned to work a riding mower, picked dandelions for Grandpa's dandelion wine, and cleaned up Aunt D's yard(for a small fee).  K happily accepted his "city boy" title, and learned that country work is not for him.  They told me after that I can look forward to visiting Q on a farm someday, and K at his flat in the city.

Then I brought them to PA.  On our way to Grandma T's, we visited grandpa in the rehab hospital, then on to many adventures in PA and visits with grandparents.  We made it to Farmer's market every Saturday, explored the forest at Grandma's, experienced small town living, helped grandpa when he came home from the rehab hospital, visited with great grandma F, saw the spring musical at my old high school, went to a fun fair at the Friends School I attented in 5th grade, and prepared for the annual May Day party at Grandma T's.  Q helped do the baking, decorated windows, and made flower crowns.  We learned about some things that grandma T and grandpa N are involved with like adopt a highway, the peace vigil, a survival group, and postures.     

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