Saturday, May 17, 2008

Unplanned Adventure-The Last 2 Weeks

Q gets ready to dance the may pole at grandma T's May Day party.  The old biology teacher from my high school played the violin, and someone from the community gave a wonderful introduction to the may story and led the dance.  Grandpa then served his home made mead, and we had a wonderful day of seeing old friends and meeting new ones.
When we go home, we usually visit this farm.  They make delicious raw milk cheese, which they sell at market and we have been able to have many different experiences at their farm.  This time we came for the milking, and watched as he milked 15 cows with distinct personalities that he knew by name.  It was very peaceful, almost meditative.  Afterward, we tried some of the fresh warm milk, and some that had been chilled.  Q loved the warm milk, and drank a large tin cup of it!  
This lamb is from another farm that sells wool products and lamb sausage at market.  We arranged a lovely visit where we could see their 150 sheep, 70 of which were lambs.  This lamb, which Q named friendly, was particularly affectionate.  While walking out to pastures on their 35 acres, grandma found some morel mushrooms.  We just heard that they harvested the mushrooms and sold them at market last week!    
The weekend before grandpa N's surgery for prostate cancer, 13 of our family met in DC.  We went on a night tour of the momuments-here the kiddos are outside the Jefferson Memorial, then went on to see the Holocaust museum and the Air and Space the next day.  While at the Vietnam Memorial, even though it was dark, we found the kids' great uncle's name on the wall. Saturday night, we celebrated J's 40th birthday at grandma B's house.    
On Sunday, 3 went home, so 10 of us went on to Baltimore to the Aquarium.   We had a very fun weekend before grandpa's surgery on Monday.  We were on a plane to go home before we got the results...the surgery went very well.

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Tara said...

We missed you guys. It looks like you had a lot of fun though!!