Thursday, April 10, 2008


R and J enjoying a dinner of fajitas and margueritas!

Q taking a belly ride on a dolphin.

K had to try the corn ice cream, and really liked it!

K parasailing!

K was on a mission to find a sombrero-mission accomplished!

I love to travel with my sister.  We end up in interesting places, having fun adventures.  She has 2 kiddos, and a fun hubby and we always have a great time.  I guess the destination and adventure are just a bonus, we really enjoy their company.

So this time it was Mexico, enjoyed the beach, pool, swimming with dolphins, parasailing, and the margueritas and mexican coffee were pretty ok too!  Our next adventure with them will have to wait till J has more vacation in 2009, but hoping for somewhere abroad for 2 weeks next time.  

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