Friday, July 27, 2007

"Being" in Nature

On Wednesday, I packed the food, water and camera, and the kids packed their Pokemon binders, stuffed pokemon and DS's. Then we headed out to "be" in Nature. Not exactly the picture I had in mind, but as I am trying to go with their flow, I skipped the lecture on how you could not truly appreciate nature when you bring along such unnatural distractions as Pokemon and the DS. I am so glad I skipped it! We enjoyed over 5 wonderful hours being in Nature.
I talked to my friends in the most beautiful surroundings, ocassionally noticing a woodpecker, squirrel or an interesting plant. I took a few walks and enjoyed the quiet. It was a perfect day for me.
The kids traded Pokemon cards with their friends, ocassionally noticing animals, plants, or interesting places in this beautiful setting. They took a few walks, climbed a mountain, emptied a fire-pit, enjoyed nature. It was a perfect day for them.
I'm glad I let go of my ideas of how the day should happen, and just let it be. It was perfect.

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