Friday, July 27, 2007

Quinn's Pokemon Club

As the day of "being" in Nature came to an end, Quinn had an idea for a Pokemon Club that should get started right away. I was feeling very fulfilled by the day, and also tired, thinking about the sparring class I needed to get to in 1 1/2 hours. She was focused on arranging the first meeting tomorrow at our house as we walked with all of our stuff to the car. I was thinking-AHHHH-I can't think about this right now! But I quietly told her I needed to think about what we were doing tomorrow, and talk about this on the way home. In the parking lot, she collected all of her friend's phone numbers. On the way home we decided Friday would be better, noon would be the time(in consideration for the nocturnal member of our family), but Thursday would do if some couldn't come on Friday. As soon as we got home, she started making her calls. One boy's phone wasn't working, so I helped her e-mail him. She arranged the first meeting for Thursday at noon, and told me she thought they were all coming. She planned how she would decorate, and where they would meet. She was so relaxed about the planning.
The next morning, she woke early for her big day. She called one mom to confirm that they were still coming, got dressed, did her hair, tidied her room, re-organized her Pokemon cards, offered to help me clean up and feed the animals, and got busy on her signs and decorations. And at 6 years old, she was soooo relaxed about it.
I thought about the times I have planned group meetings at our house, about how paniked I am to make everything perfect, clean the house, get the food, have enough to do, make plan B's incase something doesn't work out-which is probably why we don't have many groups meet at our house.
I almost got into my pre-visitor panik, then stopped myself, and let her have this her relaxed way.
What a great day. They came at noon, and the last club member left at 6pm, what a wonderful time. The moms talked, and the kids had their club. It was perfect. There were some diversions from Pokemon, like swimming in the pool, looking at Quinn's garden, the fish tank, legos, DS's, even a hurt feeling or two along the way(which resolved itself), but the children were open to the loose structure of their club, and they all seemed to go with each other's flow. It was a great day.

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Darlene Navarre said...

Ironic, you went to school to be a teacher and then you had children what an education and examples your babes are for you and me!