Saturday, July 28, 2007

Keegan's words of wisdom

Last night, Keegan asked us if all people eventually become grandparents. Before I could even answer, he realized that a person must have children who has children for that to happen. I asked if he thought Jim and I would be grandparents. He assured me we would be many times over. He and his wife were going to have many children, many more than 2. I then asked him if he was planning to homeschool those children. He replied that he didn't know. I asked him why. He told me, homeschool, unschool, public or private school, he would wait until his children were here to find out what they wanted to do. He only wants to be unschooled right now, but he seems to have the wisdom to know he is unique, as is everyone, and he would have to meet a person and inquire with them before he would begin to make choices for them.


Darlene Navarre said...

WOW I think the kids are the "teachers" I gain more from them then any school I ever went to. How lucky they are to have a mom like you, I am so loving how you just keep flowing DOWN stream and listen so gracefully to all!

I love you,

Caroline said...

Isn't it wonderful the respect for life that he has. His understanding that a child opinion is just as valuable as anyone elses. I'm with you K.