Sunday, July 19, 2009


We did so many things in Pennsylvania, including meeting an old friend at a gym camp one day to play. It was great fun.

Met another friend at one of PA's state parks. This one, RB Winter, will be closing this summer as part of budget cuts in PA. We wanted to get there before the closure.

Grandma took the whole week off work to spend with us, and we had so much fun with her and grandpa.

We had to go the the Elk Creek Cafe a few times for dinner, it is just so delicious!

Grandma drove us to BWI to catch our flight to NC. We had a wonderful time in beautiful PA. Such a fabulous community. I definitely would like to move back someday...sooner than later! I would love for my children to experience living in central PA. For now, we will just have to plan more visits.

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