Saturday, July 18, 2009


We had a fabulous vacation. Each leg of our trip was wonderful. I can't say enough about how much we enjoyed everything. I just feel bliss when I remember our travels, the people and places. Paris was our first stop.

Quinn tried to get the Mona Lisa smile down at our visit to the Louvre.

The cheese in France was glorious! We enjoyed it every night that we were there.

The whole gang at Versailles.

Walking through the grounds of Versailles. It was a big group to keep together, but we did pretty good!

A moment in the gardens.

Notre Dame...we climbed to the top!

La Tour Eiffel...we made it to the second level.

The Louvre at night. Right across the street from the flat where we stayed, a great location.

Keegan, having his portrait done in Place Du Tertre, Montmartre. All the kiddos had one done, as I had 20 years ago!

Ah, Giverny, Monet's house and gardens. We went to the Orsay Museum the day before and saw many of his paintings. His gardens were delightful.

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