Monday, October 6, 2008

Pioneer Days

They finally learn to do laundry!

This was their favorite pioneer activity, and came back to wash clothes 2 times.

They made candles,

watched a weaver and chatted with a lady spinning alpaca wool into yarn.

The army boy let Keegan hold his rifle.

Then they tried to get him to enlist!  I thought they were joking, but it turns out they were serious.  They would allow Keegan to dress up and carry a gun at a smaller engagement.  He was very interested!

For all the times we have been to Spring Mountain Ranch, we had never seen the spring!

We all tried throwing an ax,

the kiddos panned for gold,

and then enjoyed root beer floats!  It was a fabulous day, just our speed.

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retton61 said...

I was thinking of setting up a non-electric clothes washing system, since my good OLD Maytag is making bad noises. Now I know Keegan and Quinn can help me! So great to see Pioneer Days photos. Thanks, Rachel!--Love, Mom/Grandma Toni