Friday, October 24, 2008

Camping at Zion

Another camping trip to Zion with the Life Learners.  A great year for camping.  The weather was good, and it was a great groups of kiddos and adults.  We all had a very good time.

We all enjoyed the are the boys warming their toes in the morning.

The water was very cold, but the kiddos didn't care.

Keegan really didn't care, he loves the water.

Well, it was a little cold...

We saw lots of wild life.  These deer kept coming into our camping area.  

Quinn and Elena(Quinn's friend from homeschool and now school) were very excited to be together.  We brought them their own tent for their "double" sleepover.  A scary ghost story by the campfire the second night send them both back to their parents tents to sleep.  Oh well.  
Zion was so beautiful, there were masses of wild grapevine all over.

They were invigorated by nature!

The girls had a great time together.

Quinn and Elena found a tarantula, and stood watch so the boys in the next campground would not destroy it.  They stayed with it till someone moved it to a safe place.
A great group this year, so easy and fun.  We hope to go for a few days longer next year.  It was a lot to set up for 2 days.

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