Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A great first week

We did alot of driving in the 6 days it took us to get to PA. It was mostly delightful. K and Q are great travelers, and had no camplaints abvout the amount of time spent in the car, in fact they seemed to enjoy every mile. We saw plenty of interesting landscapes, and managed a few stops on the way. We loved the KOA cabins that we stayed in, and we all had fun staying with my mom's friend from elementary school in Kansas City. She lives in a 1915 farm house and still hauls her own water. We ate from her garden, and Keegan was facinated with her accumulation of stuff from many years past. Her mother came for a visit, who is now 85, and was my mother's girl scout leader. We really had a great time on the way!


PeacefulGoddess said...

I am sooo thrilled that you blogged to let us know whats up with your travelin tribe!
I miss you all so much
So happy you are all havin fun

OrganicSister said...

Haven't had an update lately; how is the trip?? Hope you guys are having fun!

Miranda said...

Have you all fallen off the edge of the Earth? Really, keeping us uninformed for this long is not good. Not good at all. ;-) You guys must be having a blast, or battling the dragons at the edge...

OrganicSister said...

You've been tagged!


Have fun!

~ Tara