Wednesday, December 24, 2008


We had a trip planned to Maryland for Thanksgiving, but my sister Laurel called with an idea, and we ended up spending Thanksgiving week in Ireland.  We stayed on in Maryland the next week for Jim to do some work on the East Coast, the kids to visit with Jim's parents, and me to have a little get away with my sister in Massachusetts.  Mom and Nick came the night before we left. They house sat and explored the desert while we were gone.  Mom stayed for a week after we returned. 
They played and played-not just the piano.  Quinn had fun with her grandpa Nick, I think she got a week's worth of grandpa time in the one night before we left.

We were very jet lagged when we arrived, and missed the first day completely.  But on Tuesday, we made it out to explore the town of Ennis, and Wednesday took us to Limerick to see King John's Castle.  We stayed in Bunratty, and rented cars to get us around.  Driving standard on the opposite side of the car and road on some very narrow roads was interesting, mostly for Jim, although I did give it a try a few times.

The Cliffs of Moher.  Well... the field around the Cliffs.

Love this picture of Quinn and Lindsey.  We had to buy extra warm hats when we got to the Cliffs-it was very cold and windy.

I love the way the plants grow in Ireland-everywhere.  Ferns and moss galore, it is so lovely.

An image from my favorite place that we visited-Killaloe.  A quaint little village where we met a family who took us to a cafe for lunch, gave us the historical walking tour, and told us about life in Ireland.  I was sold!  Did I mention her son attended a Waldorf School?  It was a magical place.
A church in Killaloe.

A toy store in Killaloe.  We had a productive shopping excursion.  They had all my favorite stuff!  And the kids liked it too....

A full rainbow(this was half of it).  My first.

A view from the top of Blarney Castle.  A two hour drive and well worth it.  Our friends from Killaloe told us this was a good one, and it was.  The grounds of the castle were botanically amazing.  It was fabulous in late fall, but I would love to go back in spring or summer to get another view.  The kiddos all kissed the stone, but I skipped it.

A Waldorf school in a magical forest.  That is how it seemed to me anyway.  We went to the school for their Advent Fair.  It was beautiful and wonderful, I was ready to move to Ireland!

Ireland was interesting..... so clean, simple, tidy, green, historical, easy, sparse, friendly...I think I fell in love.

After we returned to Maryland, I was off to the Berkshires in MA to visit with my sister.  Don't ask me what we did, drove around mostly, stopping whenever we felt like it, making no plan. We saw movies most nights, went to a used bookstore, drank alot of tea and laughed...alot.  We got our make up done and a massage at Kripaulu.  Just some of this and some of that.  But wow... was it great.
 It was the first time since I had children that we had time alone together.  It was energizing, inspiring, relaxing, nurturing.  After 3 days, I was ready to go back to my family feeling so wonderful, like my cup was full , and I had so much to give to them now.  In all the homeschooling days, I did not make much time for my own rejuvenation.  Now, I hope to make it a regular part of my year-with my sister, with friends, by myself.  I just couldn't believe how good I felt.  My family likes it when I feel good-Jim already signed me up for next year with my sister!     

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retton61 said...

Honey, I just happened to check your blog. What a sweet surprise to see the latest. Brings happy tears to my eyes. . . . --Love, Mom