Sunday, July 13, 2008


The kiddos are going to school.  Summer school this summer, then in the fall.  Keegan wanted to check it out, and Quinn went along on the tour.  They were both sold.  They started at a Montessouri School 25 miles away from our home this week.  They love it so far, and I am happy that they have found something so exciting and inspiring for themselves.  Of course I was surprised, and a little sad at first, but now that I am used to the idea, and see how happy they are, I feel very okay about it.  They are full of stories about friends, and play and learning adventures, and I have had a little time to think about how I want to spend my time.  The classroom in our house is now an art/sewing room(not very different from what it was before, just a new name), and the house is getting painted, organized.  I have been taking classes at the Springs Preserve on gardening, and plan to start the Master Gardener Program in the fall(it is very close to the kiddos school, so we will be in class at the same time).  
There are things I miss about homeschooling already....sleeping in, staying home, traveling, choosing how we want to spend our time, doing things on a whim, spending all day with my kiddos( or all day with the Life Learners)...lots of things, but I also like things about our new schedule.... getting up, going somewhere every day, not traveling so much, having our day(and year) planned...lots of things.  It just feels like a new chapter, not really life changing, just another chapter.  Just as I never said that school was not an option for us homeschoolers, I will still say that homeschooling is an option for us schoolers if and when they might need or want it someday.  For now, we are all enjoying the school time. 

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